TI-92+ I2C

TI-92+ I2C
An I2C implementation for the TI-92+ "pocket" calculator.

NOTE: I am not a software programmer.
For me, software is nothing more than a tool to get or keep my hardware running.
Keep this in mind while browsing through code or algorithms.
Presented "as is". Some may benefit from this, others won't.

A case study on how to implement an I2C interface for the TI-92+ (and may be others too).

Due to the circuit inside the calculator, I2C equipment can be directly connected to your 2.5mm jack.
Both data lines (normally attached to one of the link cables) are internally pulled high and connected to port pins.

Unfortunately I lost some newer source files during a power supply burnout, this is all I could recover...
The I2C send routine is (statically) implemented, the rest is missing and needs to be (re)written by you ;)
Just take a look at the code. Piece of cake...

I used TIGCC for this, just download, install and build the project.
That's all...

Mhh, I guess it should be clear on how to write a TI basic application using the I2C routines, right?

Right place and time for an useless pic...

As usual: no docs, no warranty, no support.
If this deletes your harddisc, heats up your beer or goes out with your girlfriend.
Bad luck!

DOWNLOAD: ti92_i2c.zip

ASkr 8/2007